The Balancing Tonic

Paulette Massicotte 
Erika Hogg-Belden

The Balancing Tonic
Success Stories & More Information:

Stillpoint Farm, Arlene "Tuny" Page:
"I am most pleased to associate my name with
the use of your product, The Balancing Tonic."
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Farm Vet Success Story
"I have a 15 year old large pony that was diagnosed with Cushing's disease..."
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Pure Thoughts Rescue Success Story:
"The Balancing Tonic seems to aid in the horse's body working more efficiently..." 
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The Balancing Tonic & Biodirectionality:
"The concept of a tonic sounds strange to modern ears..."Click Here to read more.

18 Tonic Herbs:
Herbs used in the tonic and their properties.
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