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Author Topic: Life In The Doghouse-Request A Screening  (Read 240 times)


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Life In The Doghouse-Request A Screening
« on: August 27, 2018, 07:45:18 PM »

Dear supporters,

We are writing to you today on National Dog Day to thank you all for your continued support of our rescue. Because of you, we have been able to save and find homes for more than 11,500 dogs.

LIFE IN THE DOGHOUSE has been a dream come true for us.  Initially hesitant to open up our lives for a movie, we are now so proud to have participated in the film.  We couldn?t have imagined how much it is helping us raise awareness and spread our mission.

The CBS Evening News is airing a segment about our efforts on Tuesday, August 28th, which will give a national voice to the plight of rescue dogs around the nation.  Then on September 12th, LIFE IN THE DOGHOUSE will be released in theaters around the country. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to really make a difference! 

We know we can accomplish great things when we work together, so we asking for your help by signing up to present this film at a theater in your town.  We want as many people as possible to see LIFE IN THE DOGHOUSE while we have everyone's attention.  We can only accomplish that goal with your help, so please click on the link below today and request a screening in your local theater. It is easy and costs nothing to do.

Together let's make the most of this opportunity to advance rescue, adoption and to educate people young and old.

Thank you,
Danny & Ron
Click here to request a screening: LIFE IN THE DOGHOUSE