FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: Please check back here often for new information.

How do I place an ad?

First you need to register by clicking on "Log In" or "Place An Ad". Then click on "need to register" and follow the steps. You will receive an email with an activation link to activate your account. Remember to check your "junk" mail if you do not see it right away. If you have registered, and have not been sent an activation email, please contact us at:

When I try to login it says my user name and/or password are incorrect?

Remember that user login information is case sensitive and you must type your user name and password exactly the same way as when you registered. For example, if you used capital letters or spaces when you registered, you must use them when logging in. You may also use the same user name and password that you use on our message board, but you must complete a registration at this directly as well. If you are still having trouble, please email

When I try to upload photos to my ad, I have trouble and get an error message?

Probably the photos you are trying to upload are too large. The dimension of the picture can’t be any larger than 500 pixels wide with a resolution of 90 dpi. is a free image manipulation site where you can resize images.If you are having trouble uploading photos, please email:

How can I view the ads listed in chronological or alphabetical order??

After clicking on a category, look above the ads listed to the options in red. Click on an option, for example, "date added" to view the ads in chronological order. You can also click on "price" or "title", to organize the ads by those options.

What if I do not want to register and place an ad myself?

For an extra fee, you may email or mail us the information and photos for your ad and we will create an account for you and place your ad. This option is available for check payment. $15 fee, plus the cost of your ad. Please email: for more information.

Is there a discount for listing the same ad in more than one category?

If you have a paid ad, you are allowed to place the same ad in another category for an additional charge of $10. Once your ad is paid, please email: for a coupon or discount code to be used when placing your ad again, in another category. Duplicate ads expire same date as original full price ads.

How do I change my user name?

Your user name cannot be changed through editing your account, but you can email us your new user name and we will change it for you if it must be changed. Please send to: